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Charter schools are not required to provide lunch. They offer free to choose meal options. They can prepare meals on-site, through a contract with a school meal vendor such as a local school district, or student's can bring their lunch from home. There are several student's that attend Charter School's outside of their designated school districts in order to receive a better education. Several of these student's cannot afford lunch. Cuisine For Kids, LLC provides lunches to 10 students at each school who can't afford to pay. We do this by working with the school to determine the student's who need assistance. As we are a for profit organization, we do not receive any type of grants or government funding. With school lunches at Charter Schools starting around $4, $20 can cover 5 meals! Whatever amount you decide to give, you are making a positive impact in a child’s life! Our goal is simple - to provide as many lunches as we can to student's who cannot afford to pay. Here’s where you can assist, specify the amount you want to donate and we work with schools to select the students who will receive lunch. Thank you for your donation. Children in school need to focus on learning, not being hungry! time, tax-deductible donation is going to help feed kids at school, taking the worry and shame of having a delinquent lunch account off their plate. Children in school need to focus on learning, not being hungry. If you would like to specify a certain State, County, or a specific school that you would like to receive this donation, please note so on the donation specifications line. Once you make a donation, you will receive a tax receipt for your records via the email address provided. Thank you again for joining us on our mission to make sure no child goes hungry at school.